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These methods will help you understand what you read easily

The following steps will help you understand what you read easily, if you follow it carefully and strictly.

1. SQ3R method

Survey - scroll through the topic you want to read first.

Question - ask questions to your self, or tell friends to ask you questions.

Read - thoroughly especially highlighted words.

Recall - Bring back what you have read in your memory.

Review - Look through everything in the book after reading to find the parts you don't understand well.

It may take you up to 2 hours to learn a whole topic using this method.

But it's worth it

2. The SPR method.

The SPR method is a very unique method of reading used by people to understand easily what the have read.

S stands for Special

P stands for purpose

R Reading

This special purpose reading is used to boost reading zeal, because without having a purpose of reading you cannot read effectively most times.

When you read for a purpose, you can easily understand your material.

Many people give themselves a purpose, some maybe due to examinations, test, competitions or duels by friends.

But nevertheless it's a very effective method of reading

3. 3R method

This is almost the slowest method of reading, but it's effective for understanding and remembrance of students with low comprehension.

R stands for Read

R stands for Read

R stands for Repeat

It involves more reading than repeating, so it's like a kind of eighty percent reading and twenty percent repeating.

Once you read two paragraphs, repeat or recapitulate.

4. The Read and Write method.

The read and write method is the slowest method of reading because it involves two different things, which are reading and writing.

It involves reading a paragraph and writing it down to get a better understanding and remembrance

Many people don't understand something they read easily, but understand it when they write it down. It has helped alot of people who had problems with reading and remembering, by showing them another way to remember through using the hands.

Remember to discover yourself and use the method that suits you.

If you like my work remember to share.

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