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See this top African surgeon who can not read or write

In life you have to be very careful the way you talk about someone, most people believe that before you become a successful person in life you must go true education, education is good but God do not create every body to go true education before you become a successful person in life. As you recall, destiny can never change but he can delay, God created every body will deference faces that is how our talents are different. If you begin to read about about Nigeria and history you will realize that the most richest people in the country some of them do not go to school but there were bless by God, if you do not go to school that doesn't mean that you will not be among the successful people in life. Most people are being discouraged and confused about their life because they do not belong to the educational class. Don't worry achievement is around the corner.

See how and illiterate woman from a mountains of Ethiopian become the future of Africa medicine. Mamuta Gash was 16 years old when she went into labour with her first child in her rural village in Ethiopian, this woman spend four days in pain before her baby died inside her, leaving her with bad injuries. This woman was brought to Addis Ababa capital of Ethiopian, she was treated by Australia doctor Catherine.

This barefoot and illiterate woman learn how to operate on others like her by placing are hand over Doctor Catherine.

Presently she is 73, and she has been hailed as the future of medicine in Africa but she still can't read or write these are the photos of the woman.

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