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Is the reopening of schools by the government a wise choice?

Reopening of school, a wise choice?

Is the step toward the reopening of schools a wise one? Its been 5 months since the federal government ordered the closure of schools to curb the spread of the corona virus in the country, but ever since then the number of cases keeps on increasing each day. This has led to various sectors been shut down by the federal government.

The federal government has been under pressure recently to reopen academic activities in the country by both students and parents. Students have expressed their pain of staying at home, and have been clamouring for the reopening of schools by the federal government.

Parents on the other hand has also pleaded with the government to allow their children go back to school, but the federal government are yet to decide on the issue.Do you think the government should listen and give in to the pressure and reopen schools? Would it be a wise choice or a disastrous one? As the federal government keep deliberating on the matter, many factors are to be considered.

What do you think? Is it a wise choice to reopen schools now?

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