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Here's Why Relationships Is Very Important In Schools

Imagine having a shoulder to cry on, a person to confide in, a problem solved and having to deal with less stress about something. This is what any healthy association or relationship brings; it’s where different people have a link or union with each other.

In schools having relationship issues and the lack of it can lead to some negative consequences for the school and the student. A person might think that he or she doesn’t need an association or connection with other people. But the truth is; everyone needs allies especially if you’re a student aiming for future success. Therefore, a person who doesn’t seek to build connections with others will feel lonelier and eventually become isolated socially.

But why should a school be concerned about relationship building and its importance? In this post, you’ll get to learn the importance of relationships in schools.

 1. They Lead to Students Being More Successful in Their Academics

Every student wants to pass but spending your whole time in the library can have limited success. But what happens when you have someone to help you out in the learning process? Self-education is encouraged but you cannot do everything yourself. For example, you have a math problem that’s bugging you. If you have a good or healthy relationship with your teacher, you would raise your hand and explain to the teacher the difficulty you are facing with this math problem.

But if a good relationship does not exist between the students and teacher, you can expect tension and conflict to be prevalent. Such students are more likely to have a negative view of school and have poor grades or academic performance. For example, if the first thing a child thinks about school is how bad the school and teachers are, they have a likelihood of having low test scores and even dropping out.

But the teacher must also not be disrespectful to students like referring to a student as stupid or dumb for not understanding that math problem. Also, the teacher shouldn’t be aggressive or irritated by students if they ask questions or give wrong answers to a question.

A student-teacher relationship is necessary because in the US education system, a child typically starts school at age 5/6 and by about 17/18 years of age, they have graduated from high school. After high school, there is college, where most students spend 4-6 years and graduate.

Therefore, a student spends a considerable amount of time in school and with their teachers. So a good relationship between the two must exist if the teacher wants to be liked in the classroom. A student should seek such a relationship if graduating, having good grades, and academic success is his goal.

2. They Make a Student Feel Safe and Supported

Every teacher should ask themselves whether their students feel safe, secure and supported around them. Can a student come to you and explain their issue or problem to you?

Any good relationship between teacher and student must have this sense of trust. The student doesn’t expect any harm if they share a piece of information with their teacher. For example, a student is being bullied by fellow students. If there’s any kind of healthy relationship between teacher and student, he can approach his teacher; therefore, he can trust and feel safe with that teacher.

Since we are all social human beings, we are all interdependent on one another. It’s upon the school and teachers to make the students feel supported and feel like they are in a safe place or environment. A safe environment is a place where the student can freely express himself without fear of repercussions, and he’s not ridiculed when he provides a wrong answer.

A school has students from different backgrounds, and you want them to love coming to school. You would like a student who’s happy to stay in class, chatting with fellow students, and communicating freely with teachers.

If the student is happy, the school and teacher are happy too and expect the student’s academic performance and relationship with others to improve. So no relationship can flourish when there’s a lack of support and trust.

3. Misbehavior and Indiscipline Is Over With

If you are in a good relationship with someone, you don’t do things that might bring harm or hurt them. In school students who don’t have a healthy relationship with the school and teachers are more likely to get involved in violence, aggressive behavior, drug use, and are more often to get expelled or suspended.

For example, if you hate school and consider it a waste of your time, you’re approaching every school-day negatively. Therefore, you don’t respect the school or the teachers, and when in class, you aren’t engaged in the learning process. Such a student is more likely to be engaged in bad behaviors and be indisciplined. An undisciplined student will have problems with their grades and academic achievements.

Case in point, there are two students (A and B), student A is active in class always asking questions, is praised by his teachers, and seeks help when they’re struggling with something. While student B is more isolated, hates their teachers as they always punish and sometimes ridicule/mock him. Who do you think is likely to get in more trouble in school? Student B, due to the fact that there’s no real bond between him and their teachers.

This shows how a teacher-student relationship can change a student’s focus from negative to positive. That’s why a positive student takes the time to have their assignments and essays done well, highlighting the respect and relationship they have with their teacher.

Having a teacher listening and caring for you, can be refreshing for most students. The school and class environment will be very conducive for you. If there is a good teacher-student relationship, everyone benefits, and it’s reflected in school discipline and student’s interaction with others. A majority of teachers know how to foster and build these relationships.

They understand that students are still young people. So a school with poor teacher-student relationships will have poor academic success, lack of trust and support plus a rise in misbehavior or discipline issues. 

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Content created and supplied by: DanielAkoh (via Opera News )


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