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5 Reasons why school will re-open in July

Most student have already gradually forgotten the mind of resuming school this year any longer, and moreover they move on to learn more skills work.

Most student have forgotten that schools will continue or not,some have been waiting since for school to resume and some have pregnancy, some are no more interested in reading there books any longer, especially those in the exam class moving towards learning other work.

However schools have not yet been proved, and giving any date to be reopened.

His Excellency president mahammadu buhari has announced several times ago and giving date when schools will resume. And later on the talk about that are reserve aside.

These are five reasons why schools have the possibility way of reopening before ending of July or 2020.

1.Since churches and markets have been opened and its is still open up till now.

2.Interstate ban has been lifted and movement from one place to another is possible.

3.And they are preventive measures that are announced to the citizens of the country.

4.And every body in the country as citizens of the country knows the danger and safety measures to take.

5.Since churches and markets are opened numbers of spread virus does not increase in that sector.

I hoped by this reason and believed that schools will be able to be reopened before or ending of July or this year.

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