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Primary Education


Primary school education curriculum organization


There are several ways of organizing the subject matter of the curriculum. They include the following among others.

Subject Matter curriculum: This is the commonest of all arrangements. Different subjects like English, Mathematics, Social Studies etc are arrange separately. It makes teaching less difficult for teachers who are experts in various discipline, ( Dada 1999). 

Broad Field Curriculum: This is an attempt to integrate related subjects. By doing so, efforts have produced social studies, integrated science and language Arts. Dada 1999.

Core Curriculum: This organization is based on the notion that some subjects are very important and should be taught to all learners. As a result, these subjects made compulsory for all learners. These include English language, Mathematics etc

Corrected Curriculum: This is an organization I which related topics in different subjects areas are taught at the same time. For example, related topics in HISTORY/Government, Agric/ Biology could be taught at the same time so as to have complimentary roles. 

Element's of curriculum contain four elements as spell out by Orukotan (1996):

Objectives: This is the expected result after implementing the curriculum or what is intended to be achieved after teaching

Content: This is what should be taught to learners or the knowledge to be imparted on the learners

Method: This is way or manner of imparting knowledge on the learners so that objective of the curriculum will be achieved

Evaluation: This is the process of assessing the expected outcome of the curriculum.

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