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Have you ever failed government job competitive exam? See how to crack a government job exam.

In the Present Scenario, This contemporary era getting a job in the government sector will be a very difficult task either a peon job or a class-A job.

Reasons can be ample but still, people are getting into the Central & state government job so, before starting the preparation of any state or central Government jobs keep in mind this few factors, palpably perhaps, it helps you out ahead:

Remember these three “C” Importance.

I hope it helps you and Keeps prepare well.

Trust in yourself and tell yourself that you're the best and you never ever find a resemble person like you anywhere in this universe.

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All The Best & Keep Doing some help for others, God will take care of you.

"Work hard in silence and your success will make the noises".

Thanks for patience and ideally, it makes you to worthy after reading this!

Edit:- Really thanks a lot for those who've Palpabled on my erstwhile experience about this query and I perpetually would like to help you at any cost if I can do something value-added awareness to reaching out to you at Destination.

Thanks for the 20K+ views and 120+ upvotes:-)

................................................. Good luck & Jai Hind :-) 1. Please develop this attitude if you’re not aware of these two "Perseverance & Consistency" , is the best way attitude to cracking the Government Jobs.

2. Practice makes a man/woman perfect, hence there is no luck or emotional dramas were involved in it here.

3. Accept the reality and stand at the pragmatic approach and not to allow the giving up an attitude because you are not the only one who born and brought by so-called "I'm so much so intelligent and having a powerful memory with having the IQ of 100%".

4. If you don’t crack the one exam after investing An ample amount of time in the preparation phase then don’t get dishearted and don’t focus on worry, And blaming on un-controller factors, and monotonous about your existence part, ————————————” instead of this, identify the weak areas, which and where you were committing the mistakes perpetually, would perhaps probably fetch you at the better position in the next examination preparations, simultaneously concentrate on only one exam and try to become a master in that”.

5. Don’t change your target perpetually because putting efforts into one target is far better than demarcating the efforts in the multiple targets.

6. Remember we are living in a democratic society so everywhere and anywhere across the country you will be going to face the plethora of competitions so try to develop the mindset of, “I’m ready to fight with any battle”.

7. Read, Read and Keep on reading and generate the habit of enlighting the English vocabulary or enhancing your English grammar. If it is possible for you then it would be more beneficial for your preparation mood.

8. Try to make it the habit of reading Newspapers at least two and spend at least 45minutes to 90minutes like The Hindu or The Indian Express are highly recommendable to every Government Aspirants.

9. Work on weak Areas that’s it, when you are travelling in the path of Worst,

which we may call as the Unemployed and I'm at zero position currently? aren’t I?

10. Believe in yourself and become a self-motivator & becomes the role model to yourself.

11. Don’t become a football of others' perceptions because the reference to other's perceptions may not change the world history or your prospectives but yes, you can change the history of the world at any cause, once you make the history as in a mystery level.

12. Accept the reality of Life, Life is full of vague so anything can happen at any point of time either miracles or drum.

13. Keep on fighting with never give up aptitude ahead, “Winners are never quit & quitters are never won”.

14. Don't expect the instantaneous success because success always takes the time and don't be like an impatient person.

15. Don't compare to yourself with others and it's a damn bullshit myth that we've been developed in our mind and no one doesn't know what gonna happens in life & everyone has equal potential, equal opportunities to become anything in life.

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