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Save the Student: Finding The Right Guide for Your Career and Ambition.

As a youth in Nigeria, it gets difficult day by day to reconcile ambition with opportunity, especially given the current economical condition of the country, amidst dwindling prospects of employment opportunities, which has even been further sidetracked by the commercialization of employment opportunities, hence reducing drastically the opportunities available to the youths.

Now what can be done to save the Student?

The answer to this question, you should probably ask yourself; what can I do differently? How can I save myself and get the right opportunities for myself?

It's a very different thing to have an idea of what you want your career to look like after graduation, and actually planning towards actualizing those ambitious goals.

Most youths in the university fail to position themselves towards gaining the right opportunities for themselves and their careers at the end of their studies, and end up in a rooster cage; trapped between opportunities and ambition, without knowing how or having the needed information about how to harness these opportunities. As a student, you don't have to wait till graduate before making a plan towards actualizing your ambition, rather actualizing your ambition should be a process that should be planned out carefully and deliberately. I hope I haven't scared you off? If you still reading, it means you are ready to do something position yourself towards actualizing your ambitions. Let's delve in;

Be Decisive.

Deciding where to school, the course of study and where to apply for service after school is not a decision that should be taken lightly. However it should be a well thought out decision in line with your ambitions. You need to find out what schools produce employable graduates that contribute a large portion of the work force, what course is in demand in the country, and what region you can find corporations, companies and establishment that would fit with your career after school.

Go Network.

Social networking is one of the most important latent functions of the university as an institution. The university provides a platform where people from different family, status, community, background can meet and connect, therefore establishing a network that could connect all around the globe. It is therefore very important to establish close personal contact with different individuals during your stay in the university as these individuals might go a long way in helping you actualize your ambitions later in future.

Get a Distinguishing Skill.

As a graduate seeking employment it's important to have a distinguishing skill that could make you more employable that the rest of the masses. Find out what skill set could be useful in your career and learn them before graduating. This is an added advantage for students as corporations are constantly on the look out for people who can impact their organization differently.

As a tip you could visit the website of different corporations, especially the ones you would like to work with and explore their career section, to familiarize yourself with their mode of employment. Companies like shell and Dangote offer industrial and commercial training to Nigerian students, both for graduate and IT students in different department. You could visit the website

to find out more about their career opportunities.

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