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True Story: My First Day Experience At The University, "I Was Disappointed"

Welcome my well esteemed readers, I am here to relate to you my first day experience at the university before we get into it please hit the follow button to access more great content from this page.

My first day experience at the university was a very funny, interesting and stressful one. I am one of those lucky people who wrote WAEC and JAMB and passed it once then I wrote Post UTME exam to the university of Benin and passed that hurdle also. I was very excited when I checked online and saw that I had been admitted to study my dream course at the prestigious university of Benin, my joy knew no bounds I was extremely great full to God for granting my heart's desire, but I never knew what I was in for.

I stayed in Lagos so I had to move to another state(Edo)for my schooling, before leaving the house I was given the same advice parents give to their children when they are about to go to the university for the first time. My father accompanied me to the park where I boarded a bus heading for Edo state, initially I was eager to get moving but when the bus started, I felt a little sad, I guess I was going to miss my parents and siblings.

The bus was going to Auchi, but luckily for me it was going to pass right by the school,main gate so I alighted right in front of the gate of the university with my bags and luggage I was so excited at first but I later realized I knew nobody here and worst still I didn't even know where I was going. "I will ask for directions" I thought to my self as I struggled to push my loads along with me. "Please where is the hostel for newly admitted students?" I asked the security man at the gate, he didn't even reply he just pointed to the Bus park that was very close to the entrance of the school by the right, I guessed many people had asked him the same question many times today. As I struggle with the luggage once again to go to the car park I noticed that from all the people walking up and down the school premises nobody even offered to help. "Please where is the hostel for newly admitted students?" I asked the first driver I met at the park. He also didn't reply he just pointed to his bus, and continued what he was doing(standing). I dragged my luggage to the bus, sat down and waited for it to full with passengers, when the bus had the maximum number of passengers it can transport at once, and we were on the Move.

"Just go straight down" the driver said when he stopped the bus, "ask for hall 3" and somebody would direct you. I came down from the bus and did as I was told and before I knew it I was at a very big community with Six separate 3 story building blocks, a Large Field and a small building (which I later found out was a general toilet).

"Go to any room fresher" a boy with really nice hair told me, when I asked for the room where newly admitted student stay.

So I went to one of the blocks and took the stairs to the second floor then entered the first room by my right. What I saw still shocks me to this day, the beds looked like they were meant for prisoners, the floor was dirty and old, the walls looked like the last time it was painted was 20 years ago and had food stains, wires were popping from sockets, a boy was cooking beans with a beat up heater. At that moment I wanted to turn back and run all the way home.

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