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See what All Nigerian Pupils and Students are Expected to Do Right Now.

Since most schools have been shut down for a long time now not only in Nigeria but almost all over the world due to the pandemic that has been ravaging the world therefore, all students and pupils should wisely make use of this period by doing the following:

< All students and pupils should have a well planned reading time table that will guide them in studying and reading their books at home. < Parents and guardians should do their best to guide and guard their wards and children accurately so that they would not be found wanting in reading and studying their books.

There are some students and pupils who would not desire to read their books or take their studies seriously except they are under the close watch of their parents, guardians and caregivers for them to read. Therefore, parents should not abandon their wards or Children to only home tutors and home lesson teachers, parents should endeavor to show their interest in their children's learning progress.

< Parents and guardians should endeavor to encourage their children and wards by reassuring them of re-opening of schools , this is to help and restore emotional and psychological need and sustain them during this period. So parents are encouraged to equip and keep them busy with skills while at home this long period before the re-opening of schools. < Also, there is a great need for children to rest and have fun with friends and family because this usually lift up their Spirit and mood and Make them happy.

Parents are hereby advised to take their children for outings from time to time to refresh them and make them happy.

By having fun and relaxing together will definitely go a long way kill boredom in pupils and students prevents them from doing negative things that may put them into trouble.

Finally, University and college students can make money during this time in order to support themselves with whatever dividend or gain they are likely to make.

There are many online lucrative, geniue and legal businesses students can make money from if conversant with such business.

I am so strongly with the opinion that this period should not be wasted and that is why I am proposing that all Nigerian Students must make proper use of ths long holiday.

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