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Primary Education


"Have They Ever Asked For Your First School Leaving Certificate Anywhere?" Man Asks, See Replies

A certificate is an official document stating that particular facts are true. It is also an official document that you receive when you have completed a course of study or training.

A first school leaving certificate is an official document given to testify to the completion of primary school education. It can also be called a primary school leaving certificate. Years back it is believed that having a first school leaving certificate is very important as it is one of the documents required during a federal or state job application.

A sample of a first school leaving certificatePicture used for illustrative purpose

Aside from job application, one of the major reasons why this certificate is thought to be important is that; it is instrumental to the government in tracking down people that lie with their age just to retain a job.

Going by the change of things especially when it comes to documents required in job recruitments, a man has asked a question which I believe is very important and could be beneficial to someone. He asked " if they have ever asked for your first school leaving certificate anywhere?".

See the replies that came with his question. If you have additional information on if this document is still being used or asked for in anywhere, please share the information.

Do you know if this document is still in Vogue?

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