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Key to survive as a Nation

How can we survive due to current pandemic across the Nation.

As the current situation happening across the universe, I totally find out that the nation is finding it hard to survive, so I have to create an article on the major key and notice on how to cope with situation on ground.. These goes as follows.

Basically in life you have to not to deprive yourself or claiming that your time has passed or is been delayed that is totally lie, who told you that your time didn't pass all you need to do is to pray and work harder, believe me with your prayer and work you can get what you need in life, you can even get more than expectation. So I decide to lay down these aspect so that you can succeed.

1. Be Honesty : Honesty is very crucial in all aspect you are, being honest is a quality of having moral principle and be able to control oneself.

2. Endurance: being endure really help one in all aspect of life, endurance will help you to reach your destination in life as you all know the, success is not a destination likewise is a journey that everyone must pursue, and as Albert Einstein say "He who endure with patient is a conquerer in life", in life basically the youth find it Difficult to adapt with this word Endurance, which is not good lets try as much to endure and add patience to what we are doing.

3. Be skillful: to succeed and survive with the situation across universe you have to be skillful that is have basic skill, either by acquired through someone or E-learning skill with this you can be able to survive

4. Be Active and Prayerful: in anything you are doing in life always put Almighty Gold 1st, if you are able to do so believe me you will be able to survive.

5. Loyalty: being loyal can definetly help the nation as a whole, in any things or where we are we should try as much as we can to be loyal to people around us or even far from us, we are Loyalty almighty God can help us or sent a good helper to us.

With this my opinion of mine i hope it will be useful for everyone of us.

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Content created and supplied by: Aboidun_Gm (via Opera News )

Albert Einstein


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