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Students Warns Lecturers Over Petition Against Poly Rector In Ogun ...Tagged Them Political Jobbers

The Students Union Government, SUG President of the Ogun state owned Gateway ICT Polytechnic, Saapade, and Joint Campus Committee (JCC) of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) have warned some lecturers and staff of the polytechnic to desist from instigating students to write petition against the Rector, Dr. Isaiah Oyeyinka.

The SUG leaders lamented that some lecturers of the polytechnic were preying on students, ostensibly to use them as cannon folder to execute proxy war with the Rector by compelling vulnerable students to write petitions against him.

In a release jointly signed by Onakoya Abdulkareem( Students’ Union President, ICT Polytechnic, Saapade) and Com. Sodiya Abayomi (Public Relations Officer 

NANS JCC, Ogun State) sighted by The Daily Crucible, they noted that findings revealed that the lecturers behind the scheme to pawn the students in their battle to remove the Rector are those having disciplinary issues.

The Students leaders also threatened those involved in attempt to use students as pawns in their dark quest for the Rector's seat, to desist forthwith lest they see the wrath of the students community.

The statement reads : "It is with great disappointment that we received a SOS plea from some students who pleaded anonymity that some black sheep among the lecturers in our school are forcing them to write a petition against the leadership of Dr. I.K Oyeyinka in a bid to oust him as the Rector of Gateway ICT Polytechnic, Saapade against their will. We received the complaint from the first student as a pinch of salt until more students complained citing a common element of “threat to make sure they do not finish their program with their mates” if they don’t comply to the will of their oppressors. 

 "One of the students stated that he had sleepless night, that he is still at a crossroad because he knows writing a petition against the Rector is libel and doesn’t go with his religious belief but his hands are tied as he couldn’t risk having carryovers. “I don’t want to tarnish someone’s image because what they want me to do is bad but I’m coming to the Students’ Union as my last resort and I want to plead with you to hide my identity, I’m counting on the student leadership to save my soul” another student said. 

"The intimidation of our fellow students is not only condemnable but punishable as it is a criminal act, students can’t be drawn into whatever scores any lecturer or staff is intending to settle with the Rector or their colleagues. 

"It is a criminal offense to infringe the fundamental human rights of our students for any reason.Preying on their innocence and using your offices to push them around is also inhumane.

"As one of the three ICT Polytechnics established by the Ogun State government less than two decades ago, Gateway Polytechnic Saapade has witnessed a tremendous metamorphoses in physical structure and enviable consistency in the academic calendar. 

"With an enabling environment for Students’ learning, the school population is teeming every session that followed the appointment of Dr. I.K Oyeyinka as the Rector which has it turn propelled economic status the host communities of the school and a facelift to the infrastructural development with more modern edifice in demand. 

With more influx of students into the institution there has been a demand for more infrastructural projects needed to balance the population of students to enhance learning which the school management under the leadership of the Rector is putting in place. 

"It is not strange however that some weeds among tulips still would think a change in leadership is what the institution needs right now, we are aware that there will always be Judases whose personal greed and lust for power has blinded them not to see how much damage will be done to the progress of the school knowing well that continuity is deficient in Nigeria’s leadership pattern. For many reasons we can’t afford to have a new leadership at the moment when integral projects like the entrepreneurship building amongst other projects is going on. 

"After series of our findings it has come to our knowledge that those lecturers pushing for the removal of the Rector are those who are already on the disciplinary blacklist of the school for extortion and attempted rape. 

"To cover up their illicit activities which may soon be looked into by the school management, those on the bad books are aiming at getting rid of the Rector, they have forgotten that they can only run but not hide from being brought to book.

"If anyone covets the office of the Rector let them do so by exhibiting their nous when the seat is rightly vacant without involvement of our students in carrying out their greedy aims.

"Any further attempt to use students as pawns by any person or group of person in their dark quest would invoke the wrath of the student community and this press release is to sound a gong of warning to the culpable staff in the school. 

"We have consulted and established the fact that our students are being coerced to be used by the bad eggs, we are consolidating so that there won’t be need for confrontation which would see culprits being fully exposed.

"In the same vein, we are reaching out to other students who are on this intimidation boat to come forward and complain, we have put enough mechanism in place to ensure your identity remains anonymous. Do not let anybody use you for a mischievous act.

"Keep reporting to the Student Union Executives’ office. We look forward to your usual cooperation, we are nothing without your mandate, you put us in our respective offices to speak your voice and we wont slow down anytime soon."

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