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Going To The Best University Does Not Guarantee Your Success

This is where most people lost it, especially African's, we always think going to University of Oxford is what guarantee your success.

Your success is not tied to any University, it is not about going to University of Oxford. I am not in anyway against people who are going to University of Oxford, but University of Oxford does not guarantee your success.

Have heard a lot of people say, going to University of Oxford, makes you influential. Most people seems not to understand that, 'Life does not give you what you want', but rather, ' Life give you what you fight for'. Going to University of Oxford is not all that matters, what matters is fighting for your success, while in University of Oxford. Do you think is all the graduates from University of Oxford that are successful?, the answer is, No. Not all of them are successful.

In terms of Educational system, I know University of Oxford, have all it takes, but have it in mind that, University of Oxford, will not force intelligence into you, talk more guarantee your success.

Photo credit : Tribune India.

The people who graduate from University of Oxford and are successful people today, are people who fight for what they wanted, it is not life or University of Oxford that gave them what they wanted.

Photo credit : PA Times.

In summary, in as much as the school is a government approved University, My Dear, school is school, have it in mind that, no matter how influential the school is, no school will teach you everything and no school guarantee your success. The most important thing is being focus and know why you are in school, because, 'Life does not give you what you want', but rather, 'Life gives you what you fight for '.

Photo credit : University of Oxford.

What do you think about going to the best University does not guarantee your success?

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