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How I Became The Richest And Prettiest Girl In My University Through Opera News Money.

My name is Mercy, I'm 19 years old and I'm the owner of TrendingGistz page on opera news hub. I'm a 300L student of Mass communication as well. And my opera news hub story goes like this:

I remember those days, when I used to depend on my parents for every single thing I need, even a new toothbrush. Those are the days that I hope not to relieve again. I was so broke to the extent that I couldn't afford common notebook on my own to use for lectures, without first calling my parents to send me the money to buy it. That was in the year 2018, I just got admitted to study mass communication at the university. And my parents could only afford to give me 5,000 naira every week.

Sometimes, the money finishes in 2 days and I'll be broke for the rest of the week. Things were really tough for me, I used to wear tattered clothes even though I'm a lover of fashion and trending outfits. There was a time I almost thought about going into prostitution, just so I could afford to buy gorgeous outfit and rock them to lectures to impress people. But then I couldn't be brave enough. I was like that for almost 2 years. Until I got into 2nd semester of 200L, that was in February 2020.

I posted something on my WhatsApp status about looking for an online job opportunity and someone chatted me up. He was an engineering student from my school and he knew I was studying mass communication and wanted to be a journalist. So he told me about becoming an opera news writer and that it could help me improve in my writing skills. I quickly took up the challenge and registered for the platform.

I registered my first account called "DreamBigAfrca" on February 12 and immediately started writing articles. Then on the 15th of march, I received my first payment which was 56,000 naira. I was shocked because, it exceeded my expectations. I couldn't believe that a Nigerian platform could pay such huge amount just for writing news. I quickly used the money to update my wardrobe and upgrade my self.

The next month, i also earned about 78,000 naira and bought more clothes, bags, shoes, wigs, eyeglasses, etc. People started gossiping about me, saying that maybe I've started doing prostitution. But I just ignored them. All the people that mocked me before for wearing 1 outfit for 3 days, repeating clothes or wearing 500naira slippers, started coming close, asking me to show them the way.

My parents started noticing that I stopped asking them for money and I told them I've started writing for opera news. They were very happy for me. I started sending money to my parents monthly, anytime I received payment. The following months, I bought a laptop, a new television, fridge, generator, and a lot of other expensive furnitures in my room where I stayed in school (I didn't travel home during the Covid 19 lockdown because I wanted to focus all my time in writing for opera news) . In August that same 2020, I earned the sum of 135k(my highest earning in opera ever till date).

Then I gave 70k from it to my roommate to pay her off and leave the room for me, because I wanted to stay alone. Things were working really fine for me and even till now, I don't earn anything less than 70,000 from opera news every month. And I've been able to open 2 businesses of my own. God has been really faithful. From being a broke girl who depended fully on her parents for food and clothing, to being rich and fully dependent on myself. People respect me a lot now than before.

And that's all thanks to a great opportunity that opera news hub gave me. Thank you!!!

And by the way, I'm the girl in the pictures 😊. I'm pretty, I know and its all thanks to Opera news for bringing out my real beauty with money 😎.

Content created and supplied by: TrendingGistz (via Opera News )



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