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British Corrections and Approach To Common Errors In Our Everyday English Language

I know most of the users of this platform will probably come for my neck after reading this post while some will salute my mastery and perfection of English Language.

As it were,your first encounter with the term "common errors" was in Goodbye to Failures in English Language for J.S.S.Book 3.There,the problems involving the wrong use of Nouns,Adjectives, and Pronouns were highlighted. Here,we shall discuss further the remaining errors that are ringable (errors that an examiner might penalize you for).

However, there are categories or areas where students make common mistakes in English Language,especially students in secondary schools preparing for their penultimate examination in Secondary schools.

Some of the categories are:

a)Misrelated Participle:

It is also referred to as unrelated participle. A participle must not be unrelated or falsely related.

1.)Wrong: Going to school, a dog bit me.

Correct:As I was going to school,a dog bit me.

Again, consider this:

2.) Wrong: Entering the village from the western side,the church soon comes into view.

Correct: As one enters the village from the western side, the church soon comes into view.

Note: The correct options above were given thus following the principle that to correct the error above,a subject, perhaps,a noun or a pronoun should be added.

b.) Voice:

Voice refers to that aspect of the verb which states whether the subject acts or is acted upon.When the subject acts, the voice is active. On the contrary, if the subject is acted upon,the voice is passive.

Hence,when a verb is consciously or unconsciously omitted, a voice error occurs. Look at the following sentences:

1.) All of them were perished.

2.) An ugly scene was ensued.

(Error of unnecessary addition of auxiliary verb).

See also,

1.) Three men were wounded andone killed.

2.) Two of the thieves escaped, and two caught.

(Error of lack of uniformity in the use of number).

Rewrite thus:

1.) All of them perished.

2.) An ugly scene ensued.

3.) Three men were wounded and one was killed.

4.) Two of the thieves escaped and two were caught.

c.) Misspelt Words:

This aspect gives students the most worry and also the most rings in his/her script. Be it in objective, theory or article/letter writing, misspelt words are one of the major reasons why students fail woefully, as their mechanical accuracy score would be zero.

For example,

1.) Misspelt often spelt as "Mispelt".

2.) Battalion often misspelt as " Batallion".

3.) Argument often misspelt as "Arguement".

4.) Dilemma often misspelt as " Dillemma".

5.) Dissatisfied often misspelt as "Disatisfied".

6.) Mississippi often misspelt as " Missisippi".

7.) Overrun often misspelt as "Overun".

8.) Maintenance often misspelt as " Maintainance".

9.) Privilege often misspelt as "Priviledge".

10.) Philippines often misspelt as " Philipines".

To sum it up, I want to submit that taking to all the guidelines, rules and corrections in this article ,merging it with constant practice from past questions, I am optimistic that both common errors and failures in English Language will be reduced to its barest minimum.

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