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Meet the wright brothers who invented the world first airplane, see photos of the first airplane.

Orville Wright was born on August 19 1871 while Wilbur Wright was born on April 16 1867 in Dayton Ohio,USA.

These two iconic brothers were known for inventing, building and flying the world first airplane constructed without aircraft wings. The two brothers gained the technical know how and mechanic knowledge to built the world first ever airplane in mechanical workshop where both of them work as repairers of bicycles, vehicles and machines.

They were able to create a three axis mechanical system which enable the pilot to to effectively control the airplane to maintain it's balance and equilibrium when flying. The most fascinating and intriguing personality of the wright brothers was that, neither of the two were university graduates or certified technical students before their invention of the world first airplane. Infact both of them were high school drops due to financial constraints.

Both brothers determined to create a better and faster way of traveling started to sought for experienced manufacturers of powerful engines to power their new invention.

Although the airplane invented back then by wright brothers didn't look like the modern aircrafts in our dispensation was the breakthrough point for the creation of ultra modern airplanes we see and use today.

The first airplane was created in form of a glider. This means it was created to fly with no support mechanism or aircraft wings to be able to fly effectively hence the need for powerful engines to power them.

See photos of the first airplane below:

These men may not be alive today to see how their little invention has been of tremendous usefulness and beneficial to mankind. But they will always be remembered for their legacy and impact in the aviation industry and the world in particular for blessing humanity.

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