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Causes of Poor Performance Among University Students

In every examination, some students will perform excellently while others will perform poorly. What can be the reasons for the poor performance of a student in the university? Let us consider some factors that cause poor performance among university students.

One of the causes of bad performance among students is poor study skills. Academic excellence is not attained by reading hard. It is attained by being smart. Different lectures have different methods of asking questions. It is important to study each lecturer to know what he wants. You need to study along the line of approach of each lecturer. If a lecturer requires you to memorize and download his lecture notes, do just that for him. In this regard, it is important to study the past questions of each teacher. This will enable you to figure out his mode of setting questions. In fact, many lecturers often repeat their questions.

Some students accept their course study because they cannot be admitted into their preferred discipline. This type of students are usually lackadaisical to their course of study. Their lack of motivation will translate to poor performance. By the time such individuals wake up from their academic slumber, their CGPA might have become too low.

Poor foundation may also cause below par performances of some students. If a student is not very good in Mathematics, he may have problems with some courses in engineering. It is important for a student to seek admission into a discipline he has a good knowledge. Otherwise, such student need to go extra miles to build up their foundation in the areas that they are deficient.

"Bad company", they say, "corrupt good manners". A student may fall into the den of failure if he associates with people that skip classes and do not care about their academics. Such groups of people should be avoided with passion.

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