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Do You Want To Speak Igbo? See 20 Words And Their Meaning In English, That Are Very Easy To Learn.

The Igbo Language Is Widely Spoken Across Nigeria. And its massively spoken mostly in South Estern Region by the Igbo people.

The Igbo people are one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa. The Igbo language is a part of the Niger-Congo language family. It is divided into numerous regional dialects, and somewhat mutually intelligible with the larger "Igboid" cluster.

Do you know how to speak igbo, but you feel there are words you don't really know what they mean? This article is for you.

Foreigners who can't speak the language but desires to learn, this article Is for you too.

So sit back, relax and enjoy, as I unveil the 20 simple igbo words you can learn easily. All translated to English.

Note: You can as well learn how to spell the igbo words.

1. Bia Rie Nni = Come Have a Meal

2. Je Saaru = Go Take a Shower

3. Kwo-Okwu = Speak

4. Gbajie Ya = Break It

5. Adaeze = First Daughter Of A King

6. Adaugo = Daughter Of Respect

7. Ugegbe-Oyibo = Epitome of Beauty

8. Oparaeze = First Son of a King

9. Odinakachukwu = Is In The Hands Of God

10. Anyawu- Ututu = Morning Sun

11. Omalicha = Beautiful

12. Ezigbo Nwanyi = Good Woman

13. Ezigbo Nwoke = Good Man

14. Ezigbo Nwa = Good Child

15. Ezigbo Nne = Good Mother

16. Ezigbo Nna = Good Father

17. Okacha Nma = Most Beautiful

18. Omalicha Umu= Precious Children

19. Onyeoma = Righteous One

20. Onodu = Condition

Please how was your journey?

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Content created and supplied by: Mbata__Solomon (via Opera News )

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