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If you come from a poor background, please know this (not for the rich).

This article is actually for people from poor background. But, those from a wealthy background can also benefit. As you read, you will understand why.

We are always told to keep hoping and believing that our dreams will come true. Everyone keeps saying that dreams do come true. No one bothers to tell us that us that not all dreams come true.

Watching inspirational and motivational videos continues to raise your hopes high that dreams do come true. When we were much younger. We aspired and dreamt about becoming something great in future. Every child, when asked about their future ambitions, always aspire for great occupations like in the aviation sector, medicine, sports, navigation, engineering, without considering other factors. They keep hoping and believing for almost half of their lives something that might never come true.

Its high time we were told reality. Its high time our children in school were told the reality of life that no matter how hard one tries their hopes might shatter their dreams may fade, so there must always be a back up plan.

All hopes should not be put on one dream life, dream job. If it is the affluence and the luxurious life of other great people that made you aspire or dream of being like them, that's not all that right because whatever they do worked for them, doesn't entirely mean that it will work for you.

Don't be moved by the wealth of any profession, face your life and live your life. Engage yourself in many activities, any of them might be fruitful stop placing your hopes on one area.

The people who get disappointed the most are those whose hopes are so high, that's one of the reasons some people commit suicide if whatever they hoped for didn't come to reality. That's why it is really emphasized that nothing is worth hoped for, it should only be tried.

There are many factors that contribute to the composition of our lives, meaning our world is not as easy as it seems. Many people, infact everyone hopes for a life of their dreams, a life of affluence. Note this, If affluence is giving to everyone, who would serve you?, no one would. In one way or the other, whether you are rich or poor, someone still serves you. You cant do everything yourself. You pay for services. So as someone serves you, you serve someone. That's life. Don't be annoyed.

Our background is one of the most important factors that determines our future, meaning where ever you find yourself now determines where you will be. Please know that People who come from wealthy background have the greater advantage of fulfilling their dreams because the money is there to move them forward at a faster rate. It takes Grace for a poor man's child to fulfil his/her dream. Money is a very important factor for achieving your dream life. That's because many are born with the talent but no money to sponsor their education. But sometimes for the rich, the money might be there but they lack the talent and wisdom.

If they were granted the dream life they wanted. They wouldn't serve you, you would not serve someone. So, I won't say keep hoping, keep believing, instead I will say keep doing something, try something and do your best.


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