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History Of Etsu Abubakar Kawu Of Lafiagi (1945-1949)

Tall and tough Etsu Abubakar Kawu ascended the throne of his forefathers in 1945 after the death of Etsu Muhammadu Bello who reigned for thirty years on the throne.

Etsu Abubakar Kawu is from Etsu AbdulRaheem ruling house, his father Shaaba Muhammadu who was fondly called Shaaba Kede (Oke-Ode) where he spent most his live as Hakimi (District Head) was a son of Etsu AbdulRaheem, the fourth Emir of Lafiagi

He was the first Emir in the history of Lafiagi to attend Elementary School hence the first to be educated. He was opportune to have access to western education as a result of his place of birth, Oke-Ode which was close to other Yoruba settlements in the Southwest. He was reported to have used that exposure to Lafiagi's advantage as he masterminded the layout of roads within Lafiagi as far back as 1945 in conformity with modern trends. A revolutionary!

His father, Shaaba Kede holds the uncommon record of giving birth to two future Etsu (s) in Etsu Abubakar Kawu and his younger sibling, Etsu Umaru Oke-Ode, who later ascended the throne in 1961. The duo were brothers of different mothers.

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