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Wishes Won't Make You Successful, See 5 Simple Things You Already Have That Will Lead You To Succeed

Ours is a generation of men and women who think success is attained in relation to the exact degree to which we are talented. Others give into wishful thinking. Then, you would begin to hear phrases like "one day e go better" and other self-pitying empty sentences. Please come off it and shake them off. Whatever thing that works must be worked at (apologies to Valentine Uchechukwu Ndukwu of modern society). 

As much as the definition of talent has already been reduced to that natural ability or gift one possesses, it has to be honed and harnessed. The skill, refinement, style, branding you place on your talent is what makes you extra ordinary and it is what people now pay for in the21st century. And to be successful in it, it is a disposition you come into, a state of prosperity and fame. 

Without further ado, the University of Chicago conducted a 5-year survey of 20 top-performers in various fields, including actors, sports personalities, musicians, athletes, artists, scholars and CEOs. They also reached out to their relations, personal assistants, tutors, etc just so they could find out how these people arrived at where they are. And the following points together with their findings are encapsulated as their secrets. They are stated below; 

1. Drive - This is a trait that is related to being highly motivated. Every one has it, you do, all you need do is to genuinely apply yourself to it. Drive is activated where passion collides with desire and falls into skill (Valentine Uchechukwu Ndukwu). 

2. Determination - This involves making up your mind on a particular course. It equally entails that position you settle for after considering some things. Little wonder a certain school of thought says there is no chance, no destiny, no fate that can hinder the firm resolve of a determined soul. 

3. Consistency - This is part of the major secrets in achieving results. It calls attention to our needs and brings out the needed results. 

4. Teachability - Ego and pride are two things that work against this trait. If you are teachable, you can learn just about any and everything, and you can rise on the strength of what you have known and diligently applied. 

5. Honing one's skill - I hinted on this earlier and if you ever thought I was going to give it oversight in this aspect of regard, think again. In the 21st century, this is the technology of rising to success. There is nothing new under the face of the earth but what makes you stand out so you can become outstanding is the finesse, the uniqueness and the skillful dimension given to it. V. John Simeon once noted that whilst you cannot destroy an idea, you can do so much as little as refining it. 

Finally before I take a bow, may I remind you that anybody who ever did anything worthwhile, persevered. This is not rocket science, the formula has been derived from these variables "stick-to-it-tiveness". 

And interestingly, whether you agree with me on this one or not, it's irrelevant. We all came to this earth fixed (like factory fitted) and there is a MANUFACTURER that opens us up to understanding the questions of HOW, WHY and WHAT we are here for. You cannot produce results beyond a certain threshold unless God is with you. That manufacturer is God, align with Him and your best life begins. 

Go ahead and succeed, I'm praying for you. 


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