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Schools: Despite, Student Protest On Twitter, It's Not Safe For Schools Reopening Now. (Opinion)

Due to the decision of the Federal Government of Nigeria to hold back the decision of reopening of schools.

Schools have been shut down, around March ending. Students are tired, confused and frustrated.

Nigeria students have protest on the popular social site twitter saying Safe Nigerian School.

It's safe to open other sectors of the economy, like market, banks, airport and hold election. But it's not safe to open schools, Should we say it's because the educational sector doesn't generate money for the Government, said by a students.

To be candid, I don't really know what's happening or what's the best solution for the students in Nigeria.

But, If it comes to choosing between our lives and a year of not going to school. There is no debate on that, we all know the answer.

Federal government test run the other sectors in the country, to know if the virus will reduce. If people are out doing they daily activities, But, the virus continue to surface.

I don't think it's right for school to open now, If the covids-19 is still on. If there is life, there is still hope, it's not advisable to risk our lives.

Federal Government didn't want to put students lives at risk or take unnecessary risk. Let's do it mathematics, In a class of 30 students.

If one got infected, that's how it will start growing and If the virus struck the students, there will be a great chaos, because school is a big sector on its own, to contain the virus will be to very hard.

I just hope and pray that the pandemic crisis pass away, very soon and give the Federal Government solution to the school sector soon.

So, What's your opinion on this matter, Is it safe or right for federal government to open the schools or not. I would love to hear your opinion below.

Let's join the discussion below, I will love to know your suggestions.

Check out some of the students post below.

* If Market can reopen, Churches can reopen, Political Campaign can take place, and Election can take place. Nothing should stop our School to reopen

* We are tired of sitting at home, head is getting heavy, brain is getting dull, errands are getting too much, body is getting too fat, house rent is wasting, other things are accumulating and future plans are getting delayed

* Apart from the dead, the next set of people I feel for in Nigeria are students. Their lives are being ruined, and not many know how to make the most of it.

* Its a shame that election and religious activities have resumed but the institutions for building the foundation for national development is still barred from resuming activities.

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