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Five greatest lies in Nigeria

There are five major greatest lies in Nigeria which will never be truth again unless Nigeria is divided,number four will shock you. these lie greatest lies are stated below :

1:Bale is free

In Nigerian police station you will see bale is free but it's very difficult for an accuser to be set free without demand for bale.

2:Police is your friend

Police was meant for peace keeping and friends of the common civilians but they ended up harassing and intimidating people.

3:One Nigeria

We have tree major ethnic groups in Nigeria which are Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo that make up one Nigeria but we are fighting and killing ourselves for nothing, can we still answer one Nigeria again?the answer is No.

4:Youth are the leaders of tomorrow

We keep saying youth are the leaders of tomorrow but since 1960 Nigeria got independence we are being ruled by old men that has no future again and can never come out with something new.are the youth leaders of tomorrow? the answer is no.

5:Education is the key to success

The population of unemploy graduates is higher than employ one,after many years in school and you end up unemploy what is need for education.

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