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8 simple english words you may not have known before

Hello readers, welcome to my world. Today we'll be talking about some simple but I mean it on common English words and their meanings, that you can use while speaking to people and watch them flummox. Increasing your vocabulary is always useful, and these words will help you do just that.

Without wasting much time let's dive straight into some examples of such words:

1.) Kerfuffle:

. This world may sound so big a Grammer, but has a simple meaning. It simply means to make a fuss or a bother. Usually when people have different points of view, like two people having a minor disagreement, I'm making quite a bit of noise.

2.) Ragamuffin:

it is a word used for a person, who was dirty and scruffy clothes- clothes that are just like rag. Is usually used for children. It can be used like this:

" I sent my children to school neatly dressed and they come home dirty like little ragamuffins."

3.) Cacophony:

. This is another word related to noise. It is a mixture of horrible sounds, example a bird screeching, and alarm bell ringing. You might hear an example of such sounds in places like the forest.

4.) Whippersnapper:

. This is a word used for a young person who is too confident and perhaps a lot cheeky. Or is a perfect word used for an Inquisitive child who can't just stop questioning and correcting their parents.

5.) Discombobulate:

. It simply means to conclude.

6.) Lackadaisical:

It's a word used to describe a person that is lazy and has no enthusiasm or determination .

For example_ " Kate had lost her job and is so lackadaisical towards finding another one."

7.) Lollygag:

. It means to be idle and lazy, or to waste time . So next time, when somebody is so lazy and idle, you can just say" stop lollygagging"

8.) Flummox:

. If you remember, at the beginning, I mentioned the word earlier, at the beginning of my article. Just like the other word, discombobulate, this word means to confuse a person alot.

They are interesting and funny right? But they are correct. It might be difficult to pronounce. But to master them, you have learn and practice using them more. If you learn to use these words it will lead to greater confidence . If you had problems with the pronounciation visit your dictionary for transcription.

Thanks for reading!!!

Content created and supplied by: Faithysky (via Opera News )

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