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If You Write UTME This Year, Please Don't Ignore This Career Advice.

2020 UTME: All Candidates that score below 200 should avoid this career mistakes.

Securing admission a year later than your colleagues does not necessarily mean their success will supersede yours in life. Everyone is created to operate based on his or her time zone. The fact that so many students want to be in the tertiary institution at the same time with their mates do not really make them to care about their dreams anylonger. So many dreams have been forgotten because of a low JAMB score. If you fall into such category, you almost into a very big career mistakes that may cost you for the rest of your life.

As a student, you are not supposed to pick up any course or attend any institution just because you need to meet up with your colleagues. You need to consider your chances of getting a good job after graduation. Let me make it clearer, If a particular candidate score 192 in UTME and the candidates' aspiration is to study Electrical Engineering in the University, provided the university take 180 as its cut-off marks. Such candidate might secure admission but it's most likely it is not going to be his preferred department. If I were in the position to advice such candidate, I would advised him to obtain a change of institution form into a polytechnics that will offer him admission into the course of his choice or wait till another year to rewrite another JAMB. So, going to polytechnics to have an HND in Electrical Engineering is far better than studying Physics Education in a University. However, A lot of candidates would prefer a bad course in the University mainly for the ego of being called a University Student. Decision like this is one of the major reasons why a lot of graduates could not point into having any career in particular after their graduation. 

My advice to all admission seekers is that, you are far better off being a medical student in 100 level than your colleagues in 500 level that is somewhere else where he is not fulfilling his dreams.  Majority will not realized this until they understand the fact that our purpose of creation in this world is not to compete but to fulfil a purpose.

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