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9 Slangs Only A Nigerian Can Understand

Every country in the world has it's own unique customs, as well as slang words, which are spoken throughout the entire federation.

Here in Nigeria, there are certain slangs peculiar to secondary school students, university undergraduates, and even certain parts of the country.

Foreign visitors might find it difficult to understand these slangs and local residents might have a hard time explaining the Slangs to them. Here are selected nine slangs unique to the average Nigerian street life.

1. Ehen!

This exclamatory slang has several interpretations. It depends on the context in which it is being used. It could mean "I get it," "yes," "continue," "as I was saying," etc.

2. Jara

Jara is a noun unique to the Yoruba language, and it means to add extra after something has already been bought or paid for, at the seller's will. For example, "Please add jara." 

3. Osha pra pra

This popular slang is used when someone is praising another fellow, which loosely mean "you are dope!" It is often used on the streets to hail or greet a friend, or acquaintance.

4. Ajebutter

Ajebutter, also called "Butty," simply refers to someone who is born to very rich parents. It can be loosely interpreted to mean "bourgeoisie". E.g. "That guy is an ajebutter".

5. Lepa/Orobo

Lepa is a word that refers to an attractive slim woman. E.g. "That lepa lady is hot." Orobo is roughly the antonym of lepa. It also refers to an attractive thick woman. More so, it can be used as a derogatory compliment.

6. Ashewo

This derogatory word is a slang for s*x mongers.

7. Amebo

This slang is used to refer to a fellow who love to spread gossip and cannot be trusted with confidential details. It can be used to tag gossip itself. E.g. "You like amebo, too much" or "That woman is an amebo."

8. Over-sabi

This is another slang used to refer to someone who is a busy-body, or used to mock someone who over-performs his/her knowledge. E.g. "I did not ask you to do that, over-sabi."

9. Kolo

This slang mean to 'go crazy' or mad. More so, this can mean literally or metaphorically madness. It depends on the context. E.g. "Your friend don kolo."


There are other Nigerian slangs not mentioned here.

Drop your favourite Nigerian slang in the comments section.

Content created and supplied by: OduseDavid (via Opera News )

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