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Here are two reasons why schools might not be reopened until 2021

Following the pandemic at hand schools has closed down and it is seen as the best move to cub the deadly virus.

Earlier it was declared that schools can open but subject to the dictate of the state. The state said that schools can open but with strict guidelines and protocols to be followed. And also it is not all classes that are to resume. Only those who have exams to do. This includes primary 6,Js3 MD and Ss3 students.

The WASSCE was to be fixed for next month but when the federal government saw the situation of things,they cancelled WASSCE and said no SSCE this year. Safety first.

They are trying to reconsider and maybe hold the WASSCE this year again.

But here are two reasons it might not be possible

1. ASUU's advice

ASUU has just adviced the federal government that schools should not be reopened until 2021. This is because the safety of the children is very important. Resuming schools now might be dangerous and delicate. The example of Kenya is cited that they have shifted all schooling activities till next year. They also have exams to do.


It is better to be late than never. The safety of our children should be priority first. And if it is not safe for all to resume,I see no reason why some selected classes should resume.

If it happens that a child is positive,all the whole school can be affected, spreading it also to their parents at home.

The federal government must have thought of this earlier and that was why they decided that there should be no WASSCE.

With pressure,they wants to reconsider. However,with ASUU supporting now,they might just go ahead and reason along with ASUU that schools should be reopened 2021

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