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OPINION : JSS 3 and SS3 examination can hold if these measures are considered

The effect of this pandemic or educational institution, is the greatest of all time.

We all know that school plays a major part in the life of every child, young or old. Although, it is not the only means of survival, but it is a major path to success.

Effect of 'stay at home' on students

Staying at home at this point in time, has several adverse effect on students from lower classes to the highest level.

However, it can be managed for younger children in lower classes. Their elder ones or parent can take over the role of a teacher, putting the children through in their educational aspect.

Students in higher classes, find it more difficult to study at this time. A student of JSS3 or SS3, already has it in mind that he will graduate this year, and move to his next level.

They have already made plans for the next phase in their lives, before this pandemic.

Now, those plans will be off sight. These students now wander around the streets, committing atrocities or gambling. The rate of crimes on streets has increased during this period, because they now lack focus.

The examination for JSS3 and SS3 can hold if the following measures are considered

1. Staffs and students should be enlightened

Every staff, be it teaching or non teaching, and students should be sensitized, on how to improve their hygiene measures, and maintain physical and social distancing.

2. Provision of necessary hygiene kits, like sanitizer and hand washer.

Staffs should see to it, that every student follows the preventive measures. They should ensure students wash their hands and sanitize, before coming into the examination hall. They should also wear their face mask and sneeze or cough into their elbow if necessary.

This is not the time for playing around or hanging out during break time. These students should be enlightened about the risk, that might be involved.

3. Using all available government approved schools in the country.

All schools are currently closed, which means there are enough spaces, that can accommodate the WAEC and BECE students. Primary school buildings can also be used for these examinations. Students will be able to maintain social distancing, since the classrooms will be sufficient.

4. Students can plan their next move

After the examination has been conducted, these students will start deciding on what is next for them. Whether to learn some skills before the resumption into university, as we don't have a date for that yet.

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