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Summing up the story of the poor son

A pause with the author: “Pharaoh’s son, the Amazigh boy” (1913_1962), an Algerian writer, who grew up in the village of Tizi Hebel, in the state of Tizi Ouzou, Algeria. The writer lived a difficult childhood due to the unfortunate financial situation his family was suffering from, but this poverty did not prevent him from attending school He learns like other children, so he enrolled in the elementary school in the village of Taourirt Musa, and he traveled a long distance on foot to reach his school, and he was very happy about that. Pharaoh’s child challenged his difficult and harsh conditions from the side of poverty and from the French occupation, he completed his studies and overcome all barriers , And was able to obtain a scholarship to study high school in Tizi Ouzou first and in the school of teachers in Bouzarra in Algeria. The poor son's account of the late writer "Pharaoh's child is the most important Algerian work, many rushed to translate it into about 25 international languages, because it contained great human ideas and values. The writer Pharaoh addressed in his novel the injustice that the Algerian people lived for many years under the darkness of the French occupation, since the events of The novel takes place after the end of the famous "Battle of Algeria" in 1957. The novel of the poor son deals with the tragedy of the poor Algerian people, and explains in it how the true nature of the tribal man is formed, as the infant child begins his battle with life from his birth; either he resists life to live with dignity or to surrender For life and poverty, and he lives humiliated and humiliated for the rest of his life. He tries to learn a strange language and a strange culture, which is the French language, in order to be able to complete his secondary education in a French school, so he was constantly feeling fear of failure and frustration, but Furlo insists on completing what he started to achieve himself and his being defeated by all As the circumstances surrounding him, he always said: "Alone, alone in this terrible and unforgiving battle." And the hero of the narrator is born in the same year in which he was born “Pharaoh’s child” and lives in the same village in which “Pharaoh’s child” lived in the mountains, and the writer and the hero grow up and defy the difficulties and work as teachers. Life suffers from mental illness and is holding her in a far place. His suffering begins after he finishes the primary school, as the middle school is far and there is no place to stay, so he is offered "Uzair", a poor student like him, to stay with him in the same house, and we also see during the novel the beautiful moments that the villagers live in reaping olives and fruits, At the beginning Furlo was suffering from an inferiority complex, the offender surrounding the students surrounding him, but soon he got rid of this knot. The novel is a living example of a person who wants life, who resists circumstances and defies the difficulties to reach his goal, patient with the days to reach their climax.

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