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Principal Turns School To Poultry As Lockdown Continues (Pictures)

Some pictures have been going round on social media in the mid hours of this day. These Pictures were reported to have being shared by a certain Olusegun Iselaiye on Twitter. Pictorial evidence of the tweet which holds the pictures is provided below:

Since the inception of Lockdown across the world, many institutions were closed of their activities and the educational institutions (Schools) top the list of the institutions affected by the global Lockdown. In Nigeria for instance, some states have opened coaching classes for kindergarten pupils and students in nursery and primary classes. Although this is against the laws of the federal government because, it doesn't help towards curtailing the spread of the virus. It rather exposes Children to the Virus.

While many schools go on total Lockdown for months and their classes remaining irrelevant, the Principal of the school shared by Mr. Olusegun Iselaiye made his Classes useful for something reasonably better. As seen in the pictures, it is used for poultry farming. Some of the comments made in the picture shared are provided below:

Kassandra said, "It is because most schools in the north have been converted to poultries that's why they are kicking against reopening of schools in the country so that their chickens can mature and harvested before they re-open."

Another person commented saying, "One of the reasons they back Federal Government on school reopening. Not that they care about the children; it is about their selfish purpose."

The third culled comment on Mr. Olusegun's post goes that, "When the essence of Education is lost to the core North whereby almajiri remains the viable alternative way of life. Are you surprised that the Northern Minister of Education is not in support of our various school re-opening?"

These are few comments, What do you think about this? Was the right decision made by The Owner Of the School?

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