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My friend completed her Nysc program today and this is what I found out in her discharge certificate

My friend completed her NYSC program today, we all rejoiced and congratulated her but admits the jubilation and celebration that filled the air, there was a reason to frown when we noticed that date of birth is now added to every NYSC discharge certificates.

I was shocked about this recent development because this is just an indication that most people will no longer be gainful employed as there will definitely be conflicting ages between their different certificates ranging from birth certificate down to WAEC certificate and now NYSC discharge certificate.

With the system of education in Nigeria that delays the graduation time of a student, I feel this act of adding date of birth in NYSC discharge certificate is share wickedness because almost everyone in Nigeria is guilty of falsification of age.

This will automatically push most graduates against your will into being an entrepreneur which most times doesn't yield much due to the devaluation of our currency and the high rate of corruption that kills most start-up entrepreneurs.

I quickly rushed my phone, googled to know why the addition of date of birth in NYSC discharge certificate and here are my findings. According to the the DG of NYSC, he said:

In a bid to put a stop to age falsification by graduates, the National Youth Service Corps has decided to henceforth include the date of birth of Corps members on NYSC discharge certificates and the NYSC Exemption Certificates.

Also this will be a measure to remove the registration of persons whose names are presented for mobilization but are not found on their school matriculation list. 

He stated that they have observed that most Nigerian institutions mobilizes over-aged graduates for NYSC program and such graduates in a bid to avoid appearing on the exemption list, falsify their.

The NYSC DG condemned such act hence this further step towards curbing age falsification like their sister organization - WAEC.

He also encouraged other education organizations to apply the same method of adding date of birth on their certificate to curb falsification of age.

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