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Knowledge: How to know little about Everything

Nothing is hidden that you can't know. 

The world is a logical enclave with a lot of un-cracked puzzles and encryption that makes one dazzled and surprised at the least. 

Just like you may have already known or heard, nothing under the firmament is new or just happened. Similar of those kinds have happened across time. 

The only difference between those happenings may only be how they happen, where they happen, under what circumstances they happen and to who they happen to. 

I'll always maintain that there is no secrets as far as the world's existence. 

Those things you're being told and fed with may be all you're equipped with on issues and most times in happenings that you're restricted to believe. 

But looking at the aspect of doing a preliminary and indepth findings into it, you'll discover that there's a lot you were not told that may be valid enough to make your resolve in whatsoever the situation may be. 

The reason for research is to establish facts. And the reason you should know better than you're told is never an option if you possess an open mind. 

Care however is to be taken while seeking knowledge, because some have so seeked knowledge till they lost their minds and sanity to wanting to unravel mysteries more powerful to influence them than their thoughts or previous beliefs. 

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