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Take Note of These 4 Handshakes use by Different cult groups (photos)

A handshake is a form of greeting someone by clasping hands together. It is also used by the different associations, secret society, and cultist groups as a form of greeting and means of identification.

The purpose of this article is not to encourage cultism but to educate you on how to identify a cultist and how they greet one another through handshaking, with this, you can also identify the group they belong to take necessary precautions to avoid being a victim of cultism.

1. Vikings

popular known as Aromate, the confraternity was formed by three men, namely Aro Rising Angel, Aro Eric de Red, Aro Red Devils. They serve a god knows as Odin (one eye god) sometimes called “Febibeso”. Their pattern of handshake is called “Anchor” with five fingers spread out and place at the end of the other person’s finger.

2. SeaDogs

popularly known as pirates, formed in 1952 at University College of Ibadan by 7 persons they referred as “Magnificent 7”.

Alora SeaLord

Popularly known as Buccaneer, this cult group broke out from Pirates Confraternity at University College of Ibadan in the year 1972. The Buccaneer pattern of handshake is called Clawing, which the middle finger pressing hard on the other person’s vein as the palm joined.

4. Aye

Axe Men: formed in the University of Benin in 1970 with the motive of fighting against the oppression of black men. They serve a god known as Korofo. Their pattern of handshake is called biting, A Big thumb pressing down hard at the end of opposite big thumb as the hand Join Together

5. Klansman: Also referred to as K.K.K was formed in 1985 at the University of Calabar. It was originated from California. They worship a god called ogor. K.K.K pattern handshake is one finger pressed on the vein while the big thumb and the remaining fingers hold tightly to the opposite palm.

Whenever you notice this pattern of handshake, please trade with caution or if the person involve is related to you, pray and ask God to liberate him from the evil spirits of cultism.

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Aro Eric de Red Buccaneer Febibeso Odin University College of Ibadan


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