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Private school proprietor converts classrooms to Poultry

With the Corona virus upward spiral that has put resumption of school(s) in doubt, teachers and school owners have looked for alternative ways to make money instead of sitting around doing nothing. Most school teachers are now setting up tutorials for children in their vicinity, by doing this they make money till it is safe for schools to resume.

A school owner/proprietor in a picture circulating online has decided to convert classrooms to poultry, the proprietor must have forecasted and concluded that students are not returning to school anytime soon. He must have gotten his inspiration from the popular quote"when life gives you lemon, make lemonade ." The journey of life is for the wise and this proprietor has shown to be business minded by using his vacant classrooms to rear chickens in anticipation of the festive periods. Christmas and New year might seem far away for some but this principal has decided to make hay while the sun is shining by rearing chickens that will be sold off during the festive periods.

When schools are not open, parents can't/won't pay school fees so the proprietor must have had a deep thought about this before keying into this business/idea, the proprietor have diversified and is now looking to make some profits at the end of the year.

Its a win win situation you will agree.

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