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The Possible Health Implications Of Re-opening Of Schools For WAEC, During These Times[Opinion]

At this very critical moment in the health sector of Nigeria, we have heard several individuals clamouring for the reopening of schools and it is truly disturbing.

Have these individuals, truly counted the cost and health implications of the opening of schools in Nigeria?

Here Are 6 Dangers Of Re-opening Schools In Nigeria, At Such A Time As This:

1. Not All Schools In Nigeria Are Prepared:

As a matter of fact, most schools in Nigeria, may not have the wherewithal to build, heat and sanitizing rooms, at their school entrances and that could spell danger as the coronavirus, is known to last for about than 9hours on unsanitized clothes and surfaces.

2. The Converging Of Students:

It stands to reason that both infected students (who are unaware) and uninfected students will converge and it may lead to the spread of this virus.

3. The Absence Of Contact Tracing, In Nigeria:

In many other countries, individuals infected will the virus, are traced and their governments even go as far as tracing areas they have been to and people they have come in contact with. Unfortunately, such is not done here, hence, atudents who have been in close contact with the carriers of may not even know and will bring it to school. This is really dangerous.

4. Most Class and Exam Rooms, Were Not With Social Distancing , In Mind:

This fact is so realistic, as many schools are surely not about to start expanding their classrooms and exam Halls, as they were before the emergence of the coronavirus. Hence, social distancing rules, may jit ne easily followed up on.

5. The Infection Rate, Is Yet To See A Decline:

I believe that schools should only be opened, when the infection rate reduces. As Nigerians can not to have the infection rates catapult, as a result of the reopened schools.

6. All Our Health Facilities, May Not Have The Necessary Equipment To Contain Covid-19 Related Complications:

If a rise in the infection rate, takes place as a result of the reopening of schools, our health facilities in Nigeria, surely do not all the wherewithal to successfully treat all the infected individuals.

With These Few Points, I Believe That The Nigerian Government, Should Stop The Mobe To Reopen Schools For The Writing Of WAEC.

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