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6 Secondary School Students Have Been Expelled After Staging A Protest In School

According to an information shared by Linda Ikeji blog, six students from government day secondary school in Taraba state have been expelled, after carrying out a protest against the school management over corruption. The protest happened last week in front of the principal's office. Let's not forget that in the video that went viral, one of the student was saying that they don't have a science laboratory and they haven't had any practical. In the video the student also said that they were always standing, and how can a student learn while standing.

According to the news, the school has about 1000 students and they pay a sum of N4,800 every term for school fees. The school also takes out N1000 from the money and it is been used as furniture and feeding fee. The government of Taraba state hasn't said anything about the incident that occurred.

Do you think expelling the children for protesting is right?

What's your opinion about this latest development?

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