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School Resumption: All Private Secondary School Owners Should Take Note Of This [Opinion]

We all know that the cases of COVID19 in Nigeria increases almost within every 24 hours, schools have to remain shut in order to contain the spread of the pandemic in the Country.

Some school owners and parents are suggesting that school should resume, putting your children lives and the lives of other innocent children is it a way of caring for them? What are parents for? Parents should consider online lessons and other sources of internet classes and also the radio class to make sure their children follow up instead of dragging them into their own death.

Now for all private School owners that are pleading for the return of schools, would you provide all the necessary facilities and equipments in order to ensure safety among your students?

Know that you must provide face mask for all your students, hand sanitizers should be render to all students of the school, also the temperature checker must be made available at the Entrance of the school. If all you can provide all these mentioned above then you are good to go.

All school owners should note that the lives of all students with the four walls of the school lies in their hands and they would be held responsible for defying the life of any student in the school.

Please if you are a private school owner or you are a patent whose child attends a private secondary school, please take note of this.

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Remember STAY SAFE.

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