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Check-Out "The Best Funniest Way" to Handle Students, Who Refuse To Learn.

"I was visiting a web" when I came across this amazing, and attractive picture, I couldn't stop laughing. before I realized I already fell on my head down, to continue laughing.

"Suppose you are a student" and your teacher, appeared to class with this equipment, to gain your silence. what will be your actions?

(1)silently pick your bags, and walk outside of the classroom.

(2) go and report to a higher authority to deal with the teacher.

(3) stay quiet and obey, according to his teachings, no matter how hard he wants to make you look afraid.

The right way to "handle" stubborn students, can be funny. due to what the picture has narrated. see how a teacher, came to class, with unbelievable tools. just to get the attention of students.

Seriously, the way the children of these days, are proving stubborn, I think it serves them right.

If peradventure, you have stubborn children in your class, how will you handle them?

(1) Act just as this teacher has just done, to gain the student's cooperation.

(1)Try to educate the students, on how to obey their elders, and respect everyone older than them.

(3) Beat sense into any student, who proves stubborn to you. and make sure they obey your rules and regulations.

(4) No need to try correcting someone who refused to be corrected, whenever you are in class you drive them outside, without stressing yourself.

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Best Funniest Way


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