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Opinion: I don't think Education is still the keys to success (photos)

When growing up, we were made to believe that Education is the key to success, which has always been true. or was true back then. but this days it is quite hard to believe that saying. this is because of the recent happening in the country, 

      Let me give an instance, two children of same age might grow up from the same neighborhood. one might decide to go into acting, modelling or even decide to learn a trade after their secondary education, while the other will decide to go ahead to complete their tertiary education. 

    The other kid might be done with learning his or her skills or might be putting his or her talent into practice. while the one who decides to go to school, might still keep on writting jamb and if the fellow gets into school, and graduates after several years of labouring may stay jobless for a very long time.

   Meanwhile the other person is making it big with his or her talent, and might decide to go back to school after gathering some money or getting fame, so as to be more learned.

    I am not trying to discourage anyone from furthering his or her education, neither am i saying being educated does not pay. 

  We have alot of graduates roaming around the street, looking for jobs and will gladly accept any job offer even if it means serving those who are not up to their Educational level to make ends meet.

    Take for instance, the Big brother naija show which has been on board for some time now, when a contestant stands to gain fame, wealth and having his or her life changed for ever. alot of people see it as an inmoral show. but the truth is that it has paced way for alot of nigerian youth more than their certificate.

   How do you explain how a graduate in the country gets awarded with a life fowl and yam for graduating with a first class degree, which he studied hard to get for 4 to 7 years in school.

  while a winner of Big brother naija winner goes home with 85 Million naira after two months if staying in a house, playing games and eating.

   Note, this is just an opinion. with the recent things going on and how our Educational system is being operated, I do not think it is going to be easy to convince the younger generations that Education is the key to success. 

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