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Who Would Ever Imagine That Our School We Will Be Used For This- So Sad.

So It Has Gotten To This Level? May God Save Us

Ladies and gentlemen,

What am about to share with you is a picture of a school premises that was intentionally turned to pultry farm. This is to show the level of inconveniences most private school owners might be going through.

You can only but imagine what could push the owner of this school into doing things like this, without minding the health implication of the school pupils who will still make use of the same building.

It's indeed touching. Our government should act fast in securing palliatives for our private school owners and teachers.

Things are getting tougher in Nigeria and the only news we receive every day is that of looting and corruption...

It doesn't disturb them that most of this funds are generated from the poor masses hence the need to spend appropriately.

What kind of generation are we raising.

Even our youths now prefer bootlicking than point out fingers to the people who has sworn to damage this country.

It's a pity.

Good night

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