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My son doesn't miss classes in school, yet he has spent 15 years in primary 1- Mother reveals

A mother from Rwanda has revealed how her son who is called Joseph, has spent over 15 years in primary one (1) class in his school, without being promoted to another class, like most of his classmates, according to this mother, in viral video, which was posted on YouTube, her son who happens to be 21 years, is a school lover (he likes going to school), he doesn't miss school during school days.

This mother also reveals that her son's classmates, some of them have graduated from the school, and one of her son's classmates is now his class teacher in the school, and most of his classmates are now medical professionals, teachers, and pilot, but as for her son, he keeps failing his exams and keeps repeating primary one (1), every section.

Although according to Joseph's class teacher, who happens to be his classmate in the year 2006, and has been teaching him for the past 3 years now, he does his best in his studies, but still fails despite all of his efforts.

According to Joseph, he always forgets what teacher always teach him in school, which is his major reasons of failing his exams, according to his mother, he even forgets things that he is asked to buy in shops, but he believes he will do well one day.

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