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Reasons why student fail their examination

The rate at which students are failing is becoming rampant and it's appalling . Most student even consider failing as a disturbing point of life to make them become more experience ,but most of this failure's are caused by the student themselves either because they lack or loss one thing or the other .

What is an examination

An examination is a test you take to review all you have learnt during your educational processes, it mostly allows you to advance or move further to another level when you pass creditably well, also when you fail you remain in same level

What is education

Education is simply a learning process. It doesn't have to involve you going to school most times . It can either be a direct or indirect form

Some few reasons why student fail examinations

1. Lack of proper preparation : most student don't prepare well for exams maybe because some don't have the materials or they didn't meet the requirements or they prepare late and couldn't apprehend all they have learnt and this factor causes poor performance or failure because a quote says "proper preparation prevent poor performance ".

2. Constant fear : this might sound funny to you but note that this is the cause of some failure in student ,both the intelligence and the dull student have been tormented by this, it's normal to be afraid but before you write exam try to get your brain, mind and body in a normal ,calm and relaxed state

3. Lack of rest before the examination : most people think that the last day to an examination is crucial and also the day to revise all they have read ,it is a big factoid . Truly the last day to your exams are crucial and a day which your body needs a lot of rest (mostly your brain). According to research and expertise when you read too much you brain get tensed and the glucose levels of the brain become low and this makes your brain not to perform properly . In case you are writing an examination you are advice to have a lot of rest and also don't do anything stressful to the brain. Per my advice you can sing songs, play games , engage in any sporting activities

4. Lack of time : Most student spend their time with their social life going to different social media to chat with friends and family either on WhatsApp, Facebook, messenger, telegram, Instagram, Twitter and so on forgetting that every second in life count once lost it can never be found .When examinations are close by the try to make up for the time wasted on social media

We have lack of finance , health condition, low morale and so on there are still tons of reasons why student fail that are not mentioned but if you want to know more ask yourself "what is causing hindrance to my educational success"

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