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Prominent teachers that our generation might have forgotten

Teaching is one of the oldest professions in the world, it has been very important to the development of the human era

The act ot learning and passing on knowledge hasnt been very easy from the onset, some certain individuals contributed immensely to the educational sector.

1.SocratesSocrates is one of the first teachers in western history and also one of the best.

Socrates taught students in Athens, he was very kind he was known to refuse payment for his teachings. He is the teacher of the fathers of philosophy Plato


He was a chinese philosopher and teacher, born in 551 B. C

He was poor but still labored to educate himself and become a teacher at a young age

He taught the world about the noble chinese roots

3.Dr Alvan Ikoku

Born on August 1 1900 in arochukwu now known as Abia state

After his basic and secondary school education in nigeria he aquired a philosophy degree at the university of London

In 1932 he established a co-educational sec. Sch in west Africa :The Aggrey memorial secondary school located in arochukwu named after his mentor

In 1962 he called for an "Education Bill of Right"for primary school education to be free for six years in Nigeria. This was later accepted in 1976. today free education has been granted

Dr ikoku remains an icon in Nigerian academical development

The alvan ikoku federal college of education in owerri imo state, The Alvan Ikoku Crescent university of lagos campus Akoka, Alvan ikoku hostel at the university of Nigeria Nsukka were named after him.

It was at his school that the first full fledged igbo language department in Nigeria was established in 1975

4.Alhaji sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa

O yes he was a teacher

His basic education was at bauchi provincial school, he later attended katsina teacher training college and graduated with a third class certificate

He became a teacher and sat for the senior teacher's certificate, Balewa duly sat the exam and obtained the certificate and became head master of the Bauch middle school

He obtained a scholarship to study at the university of London institute of education 1945-1946 setting the pace for other northerners.

He returned to Nigeria as a Native Authority Education Officer

I hope this article was helpful

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