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Greetings In 5 Nigerian Languages

Nigeria is a multilingual and multi ethnic country and as such a true Nigerian should be able to speak more than one Nigerian language. Even if you are not able to speak more than one language, you should be able to greet people in 5 Nigerian Languages.

Below are 5 Nigerian Languages Every Nigerian Should Learn;

1. Bawo ni

This is a standard and easy way of saying "How are you" in Yoruba language. So, if you are not a Yoruba it's important you take note of this for your own good. I say this, because you never know who you will meet or relate with in the future.

2. Kedu

Kedu is a standard and common way of saying "Hello" in Igbo Language. It is also another way of saying "How are you" to an Igbo person. Take note of these and utilize it carefully.

3. Mesiere

This is a standard way of greeting people in Efik/ibibio. It means Hello and it is acceptable amongst everyone in Efik. Take note of it and also use it when you find yourself amongst other ibibio people.

4. Ushé-ushé

this is a formal way of saying "How are you" in Kanuri. It is fully acceptable amongst the people of Kanuri and it will be an added advantage for you incase you find yourself in their midst.

5. Sannu

This is a formal way of saying Hello in hausa language. It is commonly used in northern Nigeria.

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