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Why students choose wrong answers (opinion).

In objective tests under comprehension, some options usually resemble one another although, if well perused, it would be discovered that there is often a wide margin of difference between the options. The major reason for the wrong choice of option usually chosen by student include the following :

i). Misinterpretation of Question

It is logical that, once a question is not well understood, the correct answer will not be arrived at. A lot of students are often in so much of a hurry or are psychologically unsettled that they do not bother to understand the exact demands of the question. It is therefore imperative that a student should not rush but strive to understand what the question means.

ii). Use of sentiments

Sentiments are personal ideas or personal opinions concerning a particular thing. Many passages are set and questions on them usually tempt the student to use his or her idea of the subject matter, to answer the question now. On no account should a student go outside the provision of the passage to look for answers; you cannot use your own idea just because what is been described in the passage happened to you before. Rely ONLY on what the passage states, even if it is different from your own experience.

iii). Extra-grammatical Items Becloud Meaning

Extra-grammatical items such as idioms, axioms, maxims, proverbs, phrasal verbs and figure of speech etc which makes the passage difficult. When a lot of these are used in the passage, there is a great tendency that a student who is not very familiar with these extra-structural items will not understand. Find every such item out of the passage, determine its meaning and relate its message to the totality of the passage.

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