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Attributes Of OAU That Makes The School An Interesting World To Live

Obafemi Awolowo University is one of the best Federal tertiary Institution in West Africa and her students are proud to be part of her.

There are somethings happening inside the school that seem strange or unbelievable to other students of another school when been shared to them.

These will be shared in this article

1. Matriculation/ Convocation Ceremony

This Is the most happiest day inside OAU. You will see almost all the students planning how they will jack for food. Closing to the day the ceremony will hold, you will be hearing students saying they will not be coming to class or will not attend a class so that they can package the food they will take home.

This is the day you will see your class mates with bags without books. If your brother was the one celebrating, you will see people telling your Mom or Dad that they are your brother's or sister's friend and I but chance they see the sticker or anything that indicates the name, they have won. No one at this time is ashame of anything. So, if you are an OAU fresher, you will enjoy this moment.

2. Free Night Movement: inside OAU, you are free to trend any part your feet find you without fear of victimization or been killed. You can move at anytime of the day and night. If you have roommates that always disturb you, just go to any class and sleep over the night but please, go with pull over or long sleeve clothes don't be forming guy there. And as you have known that this is Nigeria, you out most keep your property very tight.

3. Awo Day: this is the day students of Awolowo residents celebrate by cooking beans and sharing with anyone that love beans and want to be a partakers of the ceremony.

Some Slangs Inside Obafemi Awolowo University

Chaw : this means to "eat"

No no no : I know any OAU student reading this will know this very well and they will be smiling while reading this line. This is the slang that is been said by a class of students if they do not agree with the lecturer's terms and conditions. You are will be hearing echoes of " Nonono" which means ( No, we do not agree) lecturers also understand this statement.

Spagewa: this is a combination of both spaghetti and beans

NFA: ( No Future Ambition) when a friend told me this for the first time, I was also amazed. This is at the front of Oduduwa Lecture Theatre that is the second building that faces the school bus stop. This is where you will find a lot of people during classes time.

Shana: this terminology means on who is bookish or regarded has been brilliant. Whenever you are found reading in any class, you will see you course mates hailing you.

I know that OAU students reading this article will be proud of all these. If you have missed all these things, comment and share to your OAU friends.

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