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Learning without classroom is the new age of schooling.

After what happened in the world, one begins to wonder if students will ever go back to the class room setting. The virus ravaging the world is antisocial.

Of course, the lives and health of our students are more important than them schooling, but the future depends on the learning of today. The question now is, how can learning continues without the classroom? This and many other questions will be addressed in this article.

Before going any further, we have to know and understand what learning is all about and the principles that help teachers succeed in teaching.

What is learning?

There are lots of definition of learning and among these definition we shall look at the definition from Mayer(2002).

Learning is the process that leads to change, which occurred as a result of experience and increases the potential for improved performance and future learning.

Three things stand out in this definition which are:

A. Learning is a process.

Learning is a gradual process, it takes time.

B. Learning affects behavior.

Learning new things affects how people think and how people think affects how people behave.

C. Learning affects future learning.

The knowledge gain today will greatly affects the knowledge to be gain tomorrow.

Now, according to the work of Susan A. Ambrose, Michael W. Bridges, Michele Dipietro, Marshal C. Lovett, and Marie K. Norman, there are seven principles that help the teacher understand his/her students and know what to expect what not to expect from such students.

These principles are;

1. Students' prior knowledge can positively or negatively affect their learning.

2. How students arranges knowledge in thier mind has great influence on how they learn and use what they previously have learned.

3. Students' motivation determines, directs, and sustains what they do to learn.

4. To develop mastery, students must acquire component skills, practice intergrating them, and know when to apply what they have learned.

5. Goal-directed practice coupled with targeted feedback enhances the quality of students' learning.

6. Students' current level of development interacts with social, emotional, and intellectual climate of the course to impact learning.

7. To become self-directed learners, students must learn to monitor and adjust their approaches to learning.

E- learning is gradually becoming the learning norm of the century. The seven principles stated above have their roots in research. They will help in either the teacher or the learners in various ways.

As learning is slowly and now rapidly shifting from the class room to the "internet room", one have to take advantage of this transition and equip him/her self with the proper knowledge and skills to succeed. The government around the world should work together to develop a system where such classroom can strive and be accessible to all irrespective of race, status, and gender.

What we are seeing in our science fiction movies is gradually becoming the reality of the hour. And we are growing stronger and more stronger every day and as such, we are faced with great challenge ever now and than.

With the advancement in technology, certificate will have little or or important, but what you can do, what you can offer is what will be of important.

Those principles outlined above will help one in developing the necessary skills required to succeed in this era we are in. The era of learning without classroom is here! In this era, your certificate is your ability to do. What you can offer will determines what you can get.

Look for example, your ability to write can help you earn or help grow your stream of income. Not a certificate, but your ability to do... Go on and learn a skill. Go on and teach your skill. There are lots of e-resources out there one the internet. Go on learn. Go on teach what you have learned.

Learning is a gradual process that needs time, commitment and patience. You have be committed to learning. Try as much as possible to master a concept. There are lots of various verifyable e-learning resources you can use. Keep on growing and expanding your knowledge and skills.

Even the the market is gradually shifting to online. Everything is going on line. You need to take advantage of this. And how do you do that? By trading your skills of course. There are lots of things you can do or offer than people needs.

If you have any idea to add to the ones above, please feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks for your precious time.

Stay safe!

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