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The Benefits Of Using Ankara Fabric For School Uniforms In Our Various Schools

Ankara School should be used as school uniforms because they serve as a Means of Expression.

Thanks to the various countries that allow students to make their school uniforms with Ankara fabrics, African prints are now worn in educational settings, not just by teachers alone but by students. This itself serves to promote a large number of things.


1. Ankara should be used as a school uniform because it promotes our African culture.

Ankara school uniforms are a good way to promote and preserve our culture, tradition, and heritage as Nigerians. By the mere wearing of these Ankara prints to school, the students become aware of their cultural heritage and also learn more about their culture.

2. It will reinforce the African identity.

When all the students in a particular secondary school wear ankara school uniforms or any other African fabric, it triggers a feeling of identity in them. These uniforms are a subtle yet very loud and quick reminder that they are still Africans regardless.

Freedom from Colonialism:

Since we all know that it was our white colonial masters who introduced formal education to our doorstep, they came with their rules and regulations too. And one of the rules is school uniforms.

They didn’t just give us a particular style of school uniform but also dictated what it should look like and which type of textile should be used to sew it.

For so many years, we followed their lead, modelling our various school uniforms after their own. However, it is a very good thing that we are now waking up to reality and that we are also beginning to see the multifunctionality, elegance, and uniformity of our indigenous materials.

Ankara isn't just for wedding ceremonies alone. Nor is it just a Sunday outfit. It can be used for school uniforms too. 

However, the good news I will like to break to you is that Ghana isn’t the only African country that allows students to make their uniforms with Ankara. Some states in our dear country, like Ogun and Anambra, have also implemented the use of Ankara fabrics as school uniforms.

Although some people may argue that using indigenous fabrics makes no difference unless we follow our traditional styles too. It still doesn’t negate the fact that this is a very good move to educate our children about our culture through fashion.

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