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Avoid Pleonasm and Tautology: 10 Redundant Words You Need to Cut from Your Expressions

It is not proper to use extra words to confuse your reader, when you can say the same thing in fewer words? Unnecessarily using extra words to pump in more sense into what you are trying to say does not help anyone.

Pleonasm is a word that adds nothing extra to a sentence. Tautology is a word that merely repeats the meaning of another word in an expression. These cases are redundant words and can be omitted.

Below are few redundant expressions commonly used. The words in the bracket can be easily omitted.

1. ATM (Machine)

ATM means Automated Teller machine, so it is improper to call it ATM machine. You will be repeating the word machine twice (Tautology).

2. (Anonymous) stranger

Anonymous person means a stranger, so it is a tautology to use anonymous and stranger in the same sentence since anonymous and stranger has the same meaning.

3. Circulate (around)

Circulate means to move about through a closed system or area. So it is Pleonasm to say circulate around since it means the same thing.

4. (Current) trend

Trend refers to the current general course or tendency. So it is a tautology to say current trend since a trending thing is current.

5. (Empty) space

Space is an area that is free, available and unoccupied. It is essentially empty. So it is improper to say empty space since space and empty have the same meaning.

6. (Foreign) imports

Imports are products that originate in foreign countries. So it is improper to say foreign imports since foreign and imports means the same thing.

7. (Free) gift

Gift is something that is free. So it is a tautology to say free gift since gift is a free thing. So whenever you say it is a gift, don't add free.

8. (General) public

Public means ordinary people in general. It is a tautology to say general public since anything general is public to ordinary people.

9. (Few) in Number

Few refers to a small number. So it is improper to put a modifier, in number (Pleonasm)

10. (Different) kinds

Kinds refer to types that are essentially different from each other. So it is pleonasm to say different kinds since kinds means things that are different from each other.

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